Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Things continue to feel stressful for me.

I'm frustrated at not being able to better understand audio engineering. We have about 4 exhibits opening at the museum between now and the beginning of May. I have a belly dance presentation in March, the museum conference in March, a presentation at the museum in April, and belly dance performances in March and April.

I'm trying to catch up on all this podcasting stuff and what's really frustrating is that it does not seem to be loading onto my iPod correctly. The names of the podcasts are showing up in my podcast menu on the iPod, but the individual episodes are not. However, if I want to scroll through all my album titles, and I can figure out what name the podcast would have used in place of an album title, then I can find it and play it that way. Which to me, is very annoying and contradictory to the easy set-up that its suppose to be.


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