Saturday, February 04, 2006

Saturday, Saturday

Well I had to go into work today because we were having a special event and I was doing a digital audio recording of it so that we might be able to use it as a podcast later. It went really well, we probably had about 200 people show up and the recording seemed to be good too. I'll just have to listen to it and maybe do a little quality editing on it.

My massage was very nice and much needed. The rest of the afternoon we spent being lazy. Taking a nap, working on a jigsaw puzzel and getting some music from iTunes.

I got a gift card and I've been slowly using it, tonight I kind of went a little crazy and bought a handful of songs all at once. Usually I only by one at a time, but there and been a lot of songs that I had been hearing lately that I've been meaning to get. So I got caught up and bought the following all at once.

One Thing by Finger Eleven
Breathe (2 am) by Anna Nalick
You're Beautiful by James Blunt
I've Got Dreams to Remember by Buddy Guy and John Mayer


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