Monday, January 16, 2006

Making Progress

So today I finally got through with a lot of the stuff I was trying to get accomplish on the troupe website. I got it published this afternoon. I still have some more stuff that I need to do for it. One is another photo gallery that will take a bit of work because I have to edit the photos first. The other is a class feedback page, which I can't really do until I get feed back from the students first.

We also got the tree down from out of the library and all the other Christmas stuff out of the library. We got all the ornaments off the main tree in the living room and we've gotten most of them packed away. Ryan is actually working on the rest right now and I will be joining him when I finish writing this. So that just leaves the little tree in the bedroom.

So I got all that done and still didn't get around to hemming the three pairs of pants that I've gotten piled up waiting for me to wear and I really need to get them added to my wardrobe. Maybe I'll be able to get to them some time before the end of the week.

So off to work on packing up more Christmas stuff so the house can get back to a little more normal.


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