Sunday, January 15, 2006

Follow Me Boys

So today Ryan and I went on a hike with 2 other couples that we went know from college days. It was a 4.1 mile hike at a place called Pigeon Roost Loop near what's left of Beaver Lake (I say that cause the lake is down at least 15 feet). It was a pretty nice hike I personally could have taken it at a slower pace, but then I'm a slow person and didn't want to hold my friends back.

Apparently, some of the others thought it would be nice to do the longer 8 mile hike with a break for lunch. I think I'll conveniently be sick whenever they decide to do that. This hike was really taxing my joints towards the end.

It was nice though and I found myself constantly humming either "Colonel Bogey March" from the movie Bridge Over River Kwai or "Follow Me Boys" from the Disney movie Follow Me Boys! starring Fred MacMurray. It's one of my favorite live-action Disney movies.

Other than that I spent the day recovering from the hike resting on the couch and getting some really progress done on the troupe website which I will probably publish tomorrow after I get a few more things done.


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