Saturday, January 07, 2006


Belly dance classes start back next Thursday and I'm very excited. This will be my second semester teaching. I spent the night making sure I had enough copies of the choreography and handouts covering definitions and muscle diagrams. The outcome is I need to get more. I have 17 registered students and people who aren't registered always show up which is fine. Last semester I ended up with about 30 students. Thank goodness they never all showed up at the same time cause room would have been tight.

I also need to do some more work on the troupe website. I have some class pictures to add to our class information page. I'm also planning on adding a class calendar and feedback page as well as trying to get the girls to write their bios who have not yet. I also need to check back with three of the girls who are writing articles and reviews for the website as well.

But in order to work on all this I have to stop writing here.


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