Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Shaky Starts

So this is a blog. Well, I'm not entirely sure I understand what the big deal is about blogs or why they are suddenly all the rage. However, I can see where this might be an easy way to keep all my friends and family informed about what is going on in my life since we are all so spread out all over the country. Plus, I have friends who are traveling in and out of the country either for business or for study abroad opportunities.

So blog I must. And I interrupt myself because my husband is reading this over my shoulder and I can't stand that and feel it is rude and intrusive. After all he can read this later along with the rest of you. I mean just because he's married to me doesn't make him any better than the rest of you. So why should he get to read it before y'all.

Y'all. Yes, that's right I'm from the South. Get over it. I think the rest of the U.S. has a problem with this Southern phase because none of them have been able to come up with an acceptable second person plural phrase. So the South provided the word for second person plural for the English language. And you can tell that a second person plural is really needed in a language by how many other foreign languages have second person plural words.

Ok, well now that I have rambled on for the evening about Southern grammer and why I have started this blog, I think I'll close this post.


At 11:11 PM, Blogger Ryan said...

I only read over your shoulder because I like being close to you, and I'm usually interested in what you're interested in at the moment. :-)

At 9:20 AM, Anonymous Lance said...

Welcome! Muwahahahahaaha.


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