Friday, March 31, 2006

Blow Torches Aren't the Best Way to Kill Spiders

For Christmas I got Ryan a Creme Brulee set that came with a kitchen blow torch. Tonight I was sitting on the couch and I heard the sound of the torch coming from the kitchen. Which was odd because we were cooking a pizza for dinner. So I asked Ryan if that's what I heard.

It was at that point he informed me that using a blow torch isn't the best way to try to kill a spider. I, of course, said "What?" He proceeded to explain that a spider had come out from under the stove and he didn't want to squash it with any of the kitchen utensils on the counter top. He didn't have shoes on and the only thing handy was the torch so he decided to try it. However, the spider just turned and ran back under the stove.

I'm starting to think that getting him the creme brulee set was a bad idea.


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