Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Squeezing in a Blog

I've been taking my laptop to work these past few days so I could work on my presentation. Today it has again come in very handy. Ryan was going to be late picking me up from work so off I went to the local coffeehouse with my laptop. So I'm getting my blogging done earlier tonight than I usually do as I have this small space of time to work on this. Which is good because I'll have the whole rest of the night to work on my presentation.

I think the presentation is really coming along now. I feel I got some really good work done on it today and I'm feeling a lot better about it today than I have in the past few weeks. Although I am still a little worried about getting some points fleshed out to my satisfaction. To which end I'm finishing up this post and getting back to polishing stuff up.


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