Sunday, February 26, 2006

No Flying Disk Golf

So Ryan and I wanted to go out and play Frisbee golf today, but the fates were against us. First, we could hardly find any Frisbees to buy at the store. Are they just not really making and selling Frisbees anymore? At some point did this become a by-gone pastime to be lost in the annuals of history? Or has it suddenly become the popular thing to do and thus the stores can't keep the gravity defying disks in stock? Whichever the reason we could only get a hold of 2 Frisbees and they were about the same size.

Then the second set-back. The Frisbee golf "holes" were no longer at the park! It seemed that there was a problem a while back in that there were so many people wanting to play that the field was over-run and players weren't practicing good sportsmanship. Plus, this was in a park that also had a lot of playgrounds and walking trails and non-Frisbee golf players where getting annoyed by all the Frisbee golf players. So what was the city's solution? To put in a second Frisbee golf field in another park to relieve the congestion? No, the solution was to just get rid of the thing all together. No more Frisbee golf for you!

So we ended up just throwing it back a forth for a while. And on a funny side note, when I ran my spell check it corrected my lack of capitalization of "Frisbee". When I mentioned this to Ryan he explained about the term being trademarked and that if it's not a "Frisbee" it should be called a "flying disk." Now, I'm not sure if we were throwing a Frisbee or a flying disc. I think will call it a Frisbee anyway.

I spent a lot of the rest of the day trying to work on getting my handouts for the presentation this Saturday ready to take to the copiers. Then we watched the closing ceremonies of the Olympics. How sad it is to see them go. It's always so great to see all the stories about athletes being able to win medals for their countries after long years of not medaling and all the stories about good sportsmanship because it's the right thing to do.


At 11:59 PM, Blogger Ryan said...

For the record, we had one official Wham-O Frisbee and one Wal-Mart brand generic flying disc.


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