Saturday, February 25, 2006

Worn Out

Well today I substituted for the beginning bellydance class then one of our troupe members, my mom, and I all went out shopping for supplies for my workshop demonstration next Saturday. I think it should be a really good presentation and a lot of the girls will get some good information. But I am worn out from all the shopping we did today.

I finished the book I was reading by Mary Daheim. I'm not sure what book I'll pick next for leisure reading, but right now I'm reading sections of Rough Guide to World Music Volume One: Africa, Europe & The Middle East for research for my presentation in April. I think its going to end up being a really good resource for me and I may need to get ahold of the second volume which covers music in North America.

But right now I think I'll take some time to relax and rest as I watch the biathlon.


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