Monday, March 19, 2007

Yes, I'm still here

So my husband, the computer guru, has just now informed me that if I leave my blog inactive too long bad things can happen. So that, and the fact that we met-up with some NWA bloggers at the Celtic Grill on St. Paddy’s Day, has motivated me to start trying to blog again.

So what has been going on? Well, a lot of podcasting. I’m proud to say that my belly dance podcast now has a staff of ten from all over North America. Last week, Ryan even helped me figure out how to add a video element to a special episode of the podcast. It was really just syncing photos up to the audio. However, he is going to help me work on some special actual video episodes in the next few months.

The museum podcast is going well too. We have some ideas for different types of episodes that are in development. So far most of the episodes have been lecture recordings. We are also working on audio tours of the exhibit hall, grounds, and outbuildings, but we want to spruce them up a bit with photos and things so it is taking longer.

I’m also waiting to hear back from SEMC on if a session proposal that I submitted will be accepted for the meeting in October in Little Rock. If it is accepted I’ll be working on a presentation to other museum professionals on how to start podcasting. So that should be fun.

Things are going well personally. Ryan and I sorted through our camping gear yesterday and made a long list of supplies we need or would like to have before we go camping again. The plan is to get all the supplies packed in nice totes so we can say, “hey, the weather is pretty this weekend, let’s go camping.” And then we just throw the totes and tent into the car and go.

Dance classes are going well. We have three full beginning classes and I have to continue to turn students away because the class is too full and it’s too late in the semester to join. Recently, I’ve been thinking about giving private lessons or trying to set-up workshops in other towns in the state. There are just so many women in the NWA area who would like to take belly dance and the class times either don’t fit in their schedule or they live too far away for the classes to be feasible for them. But it’s a big commitment so I feel I really need to think about this decision and how it will impact the rest of my life. I’m also working on a new solo which will be more of a Greek gypsy piece and my second troupe choreography which is comedy piece.


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