Thursday, March 16, 2006

Smackover #3

Well I feel sufficiently recognized at this conference for being a scholarship recipient. At three different sessions I had to introduce myself and then all the recipients were recognized at lunch today. Today I also helped Carolyn and Marie with their session presentation on Collections policy. They went with the theme of the Sahara (because it's such a dry topic) and for a stretch break they had asked me to belly dance a little and teach a few moves like shimmies. It was a lot of fun and everyone liked it.

It was today that I think I finally realized the 2 keys to a successful conference. Of course this is just my opinion. First, you must have good snacks, in a wide variety, available throughout the conference and especially during breaks. The second is that you must have chair massages available.

They had the massages available today for the first time and I think they should have had it throughout the whole conference. They were charging a dollar a minute and a certain percentage of the sells went to the host museum.

Now I have been to conferences where they have had great snacks the whole time and I have been to conferences where they have had chair massages the whole time. I have to say that nothing could beat the combination of the two. Please, if you are organizing a conference head my advice: get good snacks and a massage therapist!


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